Nintendo Demos The NES At Malls

The Nintendo team has been setting up kiosks and interactive displays in some of the bigger stores around New York, like FAO Schwartz and Macy’s, to name a few. It has also been busy at some of the mall locations, demonstrating R.O.B. the robot and the Zapper to holiday shoppers eager to find that perfect Christmas gift.

First NY Showing Ad
Nintendo ran a small ad in the New York Times promoting the NES.

Console gaming has all but disappeared over the past two years as retailers dumped them when sales plummeted, thanks in part to the glut of bad software. Nintendo hopes to reignite the passion for videogames once again by showcasing its NES with cutting edge chips and packed-in peripherals that set it apart from anything that has come before. It remains to be seen if Nintendo can pull it off, but if they fail, it won’t be for a lack of trying. Let us know if you’ve had a chance to try out the NES, and which game is your favorite so far.

Nintendo demos R.O.B. the robot and Duck Hunt to customers. Photo Credit: Howard Phillips

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