Sega To Enter Home Video Game Market

At this year’s Summer CES (Consumer Electronics Show), which took place from June 1 through June 4, Sega announced that it would be releasing a home console and games into the U.S. gaming market this fall. It will be called the Sega Master System and feature superior graphics and immersive music and sound effects for the player to enjoy. The games will be released on Sega Cards (which can hold 256K of memory and resemble a credit card) as well as high capacity Mega Cartridges (which can hold 1048K). The Cards should retail for about $25, while the Carts should be about $30.

A look at the Sega Card.

The system is set to retail at $150 and will include a Power Base console, a precision Light Phaser light-gun, two control pads, and a Mega Cartridge that will contain two games (Hang-On and Safari Hunt). The system is fairly impressive spec-wise, with the ability to display 64 colors on-screen at the same time with 256 x 192 resolution. The controllers resemble Nintendo’s except a tiny joystick can be placed in the middle of the pad for more arcade-like game play.

Hang On for the Sega.

Sega says that about 25 games should be made available at retailers when the Master System launches this fall. The games that were shown at CES include: All-Star Wrestling, World GP, Action Fighter, Fantasy Zone, Marksman Shooting, Trap Shooting, Space Ace, Black Belt, Ghost House, My Hero, Teddy Boy, Transbot, Choplifter, and F-16 Fighting Falcon, Hang-On, and Safari Hunt.

Safari Hunt uses the Light Phaser.

In addition, plenty of accessories are in development, including a track ball and a disk drive. Clearly Sega sees that the home market is ready for the taking, similar to Nintendo. Both companies come from arcade roots and have had hits on their hands. Now, the real question is, can the market support two new rivals, and if not, who will be victorious? This holiday season just got a lot more interesting!


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