Ed Semrad’s January CES Impressions

Ed Semrad from the Milwaukee Journal was also at the January CES and has delivered his report in the latest issue of the newspaper. He thought it was a fantastic show for video games, and especially liked what he saw at Sega’s booth.

If you didn’t already know, Sega has released its new home machine, the Sega Master System, a few months ago. It hasn’t gained the massive traction that the NES has, but it’s done a decent job of getting itself noticed. The games look and sound great and the system has the power of Sega’s arcade hits behind it as well. Ed has high hopes for Sega’s new 3D glasses, which could be a game changer!



As for the NES, Ed pretty much just lists what games were shown without going into very much detail. I’m assuming he will do so in a future column, but he has definitely warmed up to the Nintendo more in the previous months. I think with the onslaught of games starting to hit from third party licensees, it’s going to be difficult to ignore the NES in 1987.




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