Nintendo At The Game Awards

The Game Awards 2015 takes place this Thursday, December 3 at 9 PM ET / 8 PM CT / 6 PM PT. It will stream live across a variety of platforms. Last year’s show was a huge success and featured some nice surprises for Nintendo fans, such as Koji Kondo playing some of his famous music live and Miyamoto & Aonuma showing off more of the new Zelda game coming to Wii U.

This year we’re not sure if Nintendo will pull out all the stops again or not, but Geoff Keighley has teased that there will be new stuff from Nintendo. Whether this is simply new footage of already announced games, or a brand new game announcement is anyone’s guess.


In addition, Keighley hinted that the show might have a segment or tribute to the late Nintendo President Satoru Iwata. Nothing is confirmed at this point, but it sounds like the show will be worth watching for Nintendo fans. I’m a multi-console player so I was going to watch regardless, but I’m always excited for any new Nintendo information, so hopefully we’re in for a bit of a treat.

[Source: NintendoEverything]

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