Nintendo Account Goes Live In Japan

Unexpectedly, Nintendo has launched its new Nintendo Account system today in Japan. If you recall, this allows users to register a username via a smartphone or PC. One can even log in with Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus. If you register and link your Nintendo Network ID with your new Nintendo Account, you will be able to purchase software through the Nintendo website and it will automatically download to your system of choice.


There’s a special promotion going on until February 1st where customers get 100 Yen back for every 1000 Yen spent on the Nintendo eShop. The My Nintendo reward program will launch in March, which will award points for various activities, such as playing games, and visiting select partner locations (such as participating theaters and theme parks). In addition, Miitomo is scheduled to release in March, marking Nintendo’s first foray into smartphone gaming.

We expect Nintendo Account to launch in other territories very shortly, perhaps even later today. I must say I’m happy to see the Super Mario World font making a return. We’ll keep you updated on new developments.

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