Splatfest Results Are In – Which Pokémon Team Won?

This weekend the Splatfest in Splatoon returned pitting Pokémon Red vs. Pokémon Blue. Players chose their sides and then went off to battle to claim victory for their teams. In terms of popularity, Team Red (Charmander, for the win!) won with 55% of the players choosing that side. That left 45% of the gamers playing for Team Blue (Squirtle, Squirtle!). Surely, with 10% more players choosing Team Red they’d have the advantage and pull out a win, right? Wrong! Pokémon Blue was victorious with a 59% win rate against the 41% win rate of Pokémon Red.

In Japan it was Pokémon Red up against Pokémon Green. Again, Red had the popular vote of 61% versus 39% Green. However, Red had a 36% win rate and Green had a massive 64% win rate.

Finally, in Europe it was Red versus Blue, with Red once again leading the popularity contest at 64% versus Blue at 36%. But, once again Red failed to perform in the battles with a 43% win rate versus the Blue’s 57%.

So, for those keeping track that means that in all three territories Red was the most popular team to join. It also meant that Red lost in every territory, which is quite a stunning result. Did your side win?

Perhaps Nintendo will take this Red versus Blue more seriously in late October and pit the Republicans versus the Democrats? Now, that would be an epic battle.

[Source: Serebii.net]



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