VIDEO: Metroid Prime: Federation Force Mission Briefing

There has been a lot of hate directed at Metroid Prime: Federation Force. Most of it is because it’s not the Metroid fans necessarily had hoped for. I’ve been pretty lukewarm on the game. It’s one that I really do want to give a chance, but at the same time it seems like it might only really shine when there are three friends playing along with me, and I doubt many of them are going to purchase it. Similar to Tri-Force Heroes last year, I’m afraid it could get boring or too difficult when playing solo. Still, this new 14-minute video from Nintendo really shows how fun a co-op experience can be with the game, and it’s something I hope to replicate after the game releases.



What do you think? Are you exciting for the game, and will you ultimately purchase it? Let us know in the comments below.

Metroid Prime: Federation Force

Manufacturer: Nintendo Games
ESRB Rating: Teen
Platform: Nintendo 3DS
Genre: First Person Shooter

New From: $18.91 USD In Stock

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