Rumor: NX Entering Production In October

Nintendo has iterated time and again that its next platform, codenamed the NX, will be released worldwide in March of 2017. For this to happen, production will need to ramp up ahead of release to manufacture enough units for a worldwide launch.

Digitimes is reporting that trial production of the NX is this quarter (July – September) and that volume production will happen in early fourth quarter (October). This is ahead of the planned early 2017 production date that Digitimes had previously reported.


Over 40% of initial production will be undertaken by Foxconn Electronics and the remaining by Japan-based Misumi Electronics and Hosiden, the sources said. Taiwan-based component makers will include chassis maker Foxconn Technology, NAND flash memory maker Macronix International, CMOS image sensor design house Pixart Imaging and power supply maker Delta Electronics, the sources indicated.


While we don’t have any sources to back up this rumor, if Nintendo is sticking to its March 2017 launch plans, then this timeline does seem to make sense. In fact, it might be a bit ahead of schedule as many electronic companies build closer to the launch date (usually two months out). If this rumor is true, then it looks like Nintendo’s on track for an early 2017 launch, which would be fantastic as I’d hate to see it delayed.

[Source: Digitimes]


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