Pokémon Company’s Net Profit 26 Times Higher Than Last Year

The wildly successful Pokémon Go app for smartphones and the massive sales results of Pokémon Sun & Moon for 3DS have paved the way for the Pokémon Company to post record net profits last year. For the year ended on February 28, 2017 net profit reached an amazing $143.3 million. This is 26 times the amount posted in the prior year. As a matter of fact, you could add the past four years of net income together and it still wouldn’t equal half of what they made this go round.

Here is what net income looked like for the last few years:


  • 15th fiscal (for the year that ended on February 28, 2013): US$16.6 million
  • 16th fiscal: US$10.6 million
  • 17th fiscal: US$18.4 million
  • 18th fiscal: US$5.6 million
  • 19th fiscal: US$143.3 million


[Source: Serkan Toto]


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