VIDEO: DOOM On Nintendo Switch Developer Interview

Nintendo has released a new developer interview with creative director Hugo Martin and executive producer Mary Stratton where they discuss DOOM for the Nintendo Switch. Tons of details are revealed, including its release date: November 10, 2017!



The Switch version features multiple modes of play, including the entire campaign with all of the difficulty modes (even Ultra Nightmare Mode where you only get one life). Plus, you can play Arcade Mode, where you replay all of the levels with your upgraded weapons and runes with a time limit.

As for multiplayer, the game retains its action-oriented fast-paced chaos. You get 12 different modes to play here and all of the previously released DLC on other systems is included as well. The game will have 18 maps total to play on.


Doom – Nintendo Switch

Manufacturer: Nintendo
ESRB Rating: Mature
Platform: Nintendo Switch
Genre: shooter-action-game-genre

New From: $47.50 USD In Stock

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