UPDATE: Back Up! — No It’s Not Just You – Nintendo Switch eShop Down

Updated 1130pm CT 12/12/17:

Nintendo had some technical issues earlier tonight with the Switch eShop and web store going down. It has since been remedied and everything appears to be working fine now. Download away!


Original Article:

If you’re like me trying to logon to the Nintendo Switch eShop and getting errors – it’s a server issue on Nintendo’s end. Normally when we’ve had issues like this before a simple restart of the Switch would solve the problem. However, this time around it’s not the Switch but Nintendo’s issue. As of 4:02pm PT / 6:02pm CT / 7:02pm ET the eShop has been out of commission. Nintendo is working on restoring its networking services, but there’s no ETA as to when it will be back up.

This outage is impacting the Switch eShop as well as Nintendo’s website where purchases can usually be made through their web store. Hopefully this is resolved soon!



[Source: Nintendo]


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