Nintendo’s Kimishima Retiring; Meet The Next President

When Mr. Iwata suddenly passed and Mr. Kimishima was appointed president of Nintendo, it was on an interim basis. He saw the successful transition from Wii U to Nintendo Switch, but the company has been grooming his successor for quite some time now.


Credit: Nikkei


Taking over as the new president of Nintendo is Shuntaro Furukawa. He’s 46 years old and has a strong history with Nintendo, joining in April of 1994. He has previously been involved with The Pokémon Company and has spent much of his time in a marketing role. He speaks fluent English and was a major force behind the Nintendo Switch. Those close to him have said he’s an avid gamer and one of his favorite games of the last year was supposedly Golf Story.

The transition is expected to take place this summer. Mr. Kimishima and Mr. Miyamoto will continue to advise Mr. Furukawa.


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