Nintendo Switch eShop Deals (Now Includes Hollow Knight)

Update: Hollow Knight Added!
Updated: 8/23/18 @ 12:11pm CT

Just after going to press with this article, Hollow Knight was also put on sale! This amazing game is currently just $9.90 (was: $15.00). We’re talking 40-plus hours of 2D exploration goodness here that you simply shouldn’t miss.


Original Article:

The Nintendo Switch eShop is always offering up some great deals. They often come and go before you know it, so we’ve rounded up the games currently on sale (as of this writing). If you see one that interests you, buy it now before the sale ends! Some of our favorites that are currently on the cheap include:


Blossom Tales: $9.99 (was: 14.99)

Death Squared: $8.99 (was: $14.99)

Layers of Fear: Legacy: $11.99 (was: $19.99)

Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle: $29.99 (was: $59.99)

Puyo Puyo Tetris: $23.99 (was $29.99)

Slain: Back From Hell: $6.79 (was: $19.99)

The Flame in the Flood: $7.49 (was: $14.99)

Yoku’s Island Express: $11.99 (was: $19.99)



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